So, let me start this off by fully disclosing that this review is totally biased — I am a typical media student and therefore a huge Wes Anderson fan. His work has such a unique style that it’s hard for me not to instantly love anything he puts out. Not only that, but I amContinue reading “REVIEW: ISLE OF DOGS”

Stories and Spaces: The Start

I recently finished an exciting unit at Uni titled ‘Stories and Spaces’. For this project, we were tasked with holding an exhibition in the Union nightclub, The Old Fire Station. Each group was assigned an area of the building, and beyond that we had free reign to do whatever we please within our area usingContinue reading “Stories and Spaces: The Start”

Quick Review: ‘Artemis’ by Andy Weir (spoiler-free-ish)

I’ve been on a real sci-fi book binge recently, and after finishing off James S.A. Corey’s ‘The Expanse‘ series (big fan), I moved on to Andy Weir’s ‘Artemis‘ with high expectations following The Martian. (I’ve only seen the movie, not read the book so take my comparisons between the two with a grain of salt!)Continue reading “Quick Review: ‘Artemis’ by Andy Weir (spoiler-free-ish)”

Websites from my ‘Cool Stuff’ Bookmarks folder

This post is just to share a few cool little things I’ve found on the internet. They range from interesting things, useful things to simple timewasters. 1. This website has great ways of curing writer’s block. The first page that appears is a daily writing prompt, with a button that generates a random newContinue reading “Websites from my ‘Cool Stuff’ Bookmarks folder”

‘Viyna’ Shoot

Back in October, I took part in a shoot for my course’s ‘Fiction’ unit, in which we were tasked with making a 5 minute short film. Our film, titled ‘Viyna’ (Ukrainian for ‘war’), was shot over two days in 3 locations. Making this film was great fun, and I definitely learned a lot. I couldContinue reading “‘Viyna’ Shoot”