Stories and Spaces: The Start

I recently finished an exciting unit at Uni titled ‘Stories and Spaces’. For this project, we were tasked with holding an exhibition in the Union nightclub, The Old Fire Station. Each group was assigned an area of the building, and beyond that we had free reign to do whatever we please within our area using projectors and projection mapping. The final show was a really amazing mixture of work, and everyone’s work was creative and made great use of the projectors and the space around them. I’ll be making a few posts about this project, highlighting the process of bringing our project to life.

In this post, I’ll be going through some of the planning for our project – before we had anything made or animated, we went through a lot of design ideas for our exhibition.

Here’s what we had to work with.

We knew from the start that we’d love to use instruments and music in our show – some kind of mixed-reality ‘show’ in which songs would be played on the real instruments, with animated visualisations projected on top of them. We had a huge space to work with, so the next challenge was something to fill in the rest of the room. This ‘show’ plan evolved into the concept of a theatre, with an art-deco style.

With the concept in mind, we set out planning the logistics of the project; finding the instruments to project on, working out where and how to attach them to the ceiling and wall – it was important that they didn’t sway or move at all as this would distort the projections. Luckily we had access to the Fire Station every week to be able to plan our project and visualise the space.

If I’ve taken away something from the planning and brainstorming part of this project, it’s the sheer importance of planning! The more effort you put in to a project while it’s still on paper, the easier everything else will be from start to finish.

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