Websites from my ‘Cool Stuff’ Bookmarks folder

This post is just to share a few cool little things I’ve found on the internet. They range from interesting things, useful things to simple timewasters.


This website has great ways of curing writer’s block. The first page that appears is a daily writing prompt, with a button that generates a random new one. The website also features articles on writing techniques, sentence generators and other things all tailored to helping your writing.

2. Dark Room

Another writing site – this is simply a very minimalistic word processor. The idea is that it has no distractions – it’s full screen, so it’s ‘just about you and your text’. This is great if you just want to write with nothing else to distract from your projects.

3. City Creator

Now for something a little bit less useful. This website lets you create cute little pixel cities by dragging and dropping different parts onto the canvas. It’s easy to use and quite fun.

4. Kittens Game

This one should come with a warning – it’s addictive. Essentially a souped-up version of cookie clicker, this text-based web game starts with clicking to collect catnip for your kittens — then eventually (eventually) develop space travel and advanced trading. Yeah.

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