The New Camera

Recently, I got a new camera for my general photography / video stuff; upgrading from a Nikon D3400 to a Nikon D5600. I threw together a little video to explain why:

This is the one time I actually wasn’t very happy to get a new camera 🙁 It’s just a really annoying process to go through just to have a microphone jack. I’m not sure why Nikon removed it from the D3300.

After having a few days to play with and get to grip with the D5600 more, It’s definitely been worth the upgrade – the flip-out touch screen is a godsend, I’m not sure how I ever survived without it!! There’s a timelapse feature built in, which should let me do some exciting things in future.

If anyone is on the fence about spending the extra £100 on the upgrade from entry-level Nikon, I’d definitely recommend going for the 5600.

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